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Mr. iPod by 99terminater
Mr. iPod
should have a reason, but I definitely don’t ahaha~! First this started out as profile practice, then it grew into a Tai sketch, and, well… this! Used/tried out a new technique for hair, and I like it — though, even while I’ve finally got it down, that cowlick will never NOT be frustrating.

*continues to ignore/procrastinate the Surge posters, TCG, FE: A poster, and oc character designs she still has to do*

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Find the original FireWire series at...
:bulletred: Patreon and read ahead!
:bulletred: Smackjeeves
:bulletred: Manga Magazine
:bulletred: DeviantART
Surge: Emma (Prints Available!) by 99terminater
Surge: Emma (Prints Available!)

Available for purchase on RedBubble here


The energy was a TOTAL mess and the final result is my third attempt at it — what’s more frustrating is how I inked Ems’ CP and hands perfectly only to have them not visible in the final version (though, given they’re the SOURCE of the energy it shouldn’t be so expected oOP— >->;;;). :I

ANYWHO! Now that this is done I can finally get ta my own thing— >w>

Did anyone notice how I got hella lazy with the shading—

Stay up-to-date with Samaritan via its tumblr.

Find the original FireWire series at…

Okay, SO! I have lots to say across lots of topics, so I'm throwing it all into one journal!

First off, all the places and ways you can contact me (aka 99terminater aka Riel Tamine [a pseudonym I've recently adopted for when I start publishing things~]) and such.
  • Tumblr: You can use asks (although tumblr has a tendency to eat them with some people |U) or just tag me in a post (keep in mind tumblr only uses the first five tags outside of the post's blog) — I also have a previously mentioned an art blog for, well, art~! o v o
  • Twitter: Just send me a tweet (or a direct message) and you're good to go! Not much but the occassional random thought, bu~ut eventually I plan on using it to show WIP's of art and comments/excerpts from writing and such~ uvu
  • Facebook: I... literally don't use it for anything aside from the occasional contest or contacting certain people, but hey if you like FB and'd prefer to contact me that way, well, there ya go! ouo/
  • Email: Honestly, I've never really contacted people via email for social reasons, but again if you prefer it the option's there! My email is, not so surprisingly,
  • Main Website: Not yet, unfortunately! But eventually (soon-ish, ideally, but who knows?) I'll have a weebly site (with things like commission info, projects/stories, a portfolio, etc) going and people will be able to use that~~ uvu
Anywho, back to the next topics!

For a long time I've had a fantasy story in my mind (initially an all-animal series similar to Kathryn Lasky's works with in-universe mythos/fantasy aspects comparable to the Off-White webcomic titled Guardian, but later reworked almost completely into a literal urban fantasy/complete fantasy crossover renamed Subel after I hit a GIANT dead-end and drew inspiration from FireWire to get past it), but despite getting a majority of the world-building done I realized... I had nowhere to go with it. I had a good chunk of the main cast, the setup for the titular (group of) species and their abilities and their homeworld, but no plot.

I did at first, yes, but the finalized universe rendered it null and void. Today (at school, which I'll admit blatantly) though, I got the final touches on Telven's government system (which, despite what you might think, is not at all dystopian with how the Council probably gets as close as possible to a true utopia) aND WOAH perfect setup! Well, kind of, but I know I have something again~

So! Long story short I'll probably pick it back up again - Samaritan will, however, always be my first priority! I'm not sure if I'll make it a proper novel before starting on an OEL manga adaption, only do one of the two or what, buuuuut either way it's back in action! *w*b
It'll be a while, though, but if you want to hear more about the Subel-verse prior to any proper work being done, feel free to shoot whatever and however many questions as you'd like (via any contact method except Twitter)! :0

Also! Said FireWire idea? A TCG/CCG, actually! *0*
It's not something I mention, EVER, but in fact I love love love card games! Print/IRL ones like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, web ones (which are so amazing ajhdvsghab) like Eridan and who-knows-how-many others... suffice to say I have lots of experience with them! The specifics of the game itself are pretty standard and not finalized, bu~ut I have the base idea and concepts down:

:bulletred: Three basic card types: FireWire users, FireWires, and abilities.
:bulletred::bulletred: FireWire users have an assigned Category, and while -generally- they can be paired with any Category FireWire for their partner they all get a set/universal boost if the Categories match; Users get another boost, varying between partnerships, should they be partnered with their canon FireWire. They also have an Alliance -BLADE, NOH, civilian, and mercenary-, which can lead to certain effects based on who they're teamed up and against.
:bulletred::bulletred: FireWires have assigned Categories, Levels, and, in the case of Level 2's, Energy Conversions. Higher Categories tend to have gradually higher stats, but as a whole it should all be fairly balanced. Levels have similar strength gaps as they do in canon: Level 1's are weak, but have the fastest revival time and can still attack or defend, if weakly, separate from their partners; Level 2's are the norm, not enough to change the tides of the game on their own, with their varying Conversions best used in certain ways ideal for strategic play; Level 3's are VERY powerful, with no Conversion limits, however Categories Red and above can only last a brief of number of turns and will be permanently removed from play along with their partners after that time is up, lasting up to two turns after the initial level shift with the exact number depending on the Category. Like Users, they receive a small boost when paired with their canon masters, but do not get any sort of bonus if their Categories match.
:bulletred::bulletred: Users are the core cards, the game ending once a Player's Users are defeated. Both Users and FireWires have base attacks that don't require any other cards to use, but are weaker than the Conversion attacks on certain Ability cards. They can also have skills, some passive and some requiring activation, that are not necessarily offensive (FireWires that use shields, like Certus or Raid, for example, can block a certain amount of damage per turn directed at BOTH themselves and their partners - they and/or their partners may also give up a turn attacking to block further damage directed at a single target each, however unlike other TCG's the damage shields block do not stack up and disperse after the turn's over). FireWires regenerate a certain amount of energy (their equivalent of Users' health) between turns, and if they're defeated they are revived after regenerating a certain amount. They may also use themselves to block damage directed at their partners, but are unable to attack their next turn and take the damage that would've been inflicted to the User.
:bulletred::bulletred: Ability cards are, primarily, attacks and other techniques usable by FireWires with the required Conversion type. Some FireWire Ability cards are not connected to a specific Conversion, instead having a different effect depending on what the FireWire's Conversion is - Level 3's may use any two Conversions for an Ability card at once, but cannot direct the effects at different opponents. Others have the same effect regardless of who it's used by, and some may only be used by specific characters. Ability cards may also include healing Users, boosting base attacks, hindering opponents, and more.
:bulletred: Different phases per turn, during which only certain actions can be taken — Discard (the player discards cards within their hand of their choosing), Draw (the player draws cards until they have six cards within their hand; may draw a single card if they already had six cards in their hand), Ability (the player may activate any Ability cards and/or skills that don't require certain conditions), Action (the player decides each team member's individual actions, including having a team member use a certain Ability card in place of a base attack), and Ability II (the player may activate any Ability cards and/or skills that directly impact the opponent, such as damaging their team's members or inflicting a status). Some Ability cards and skills may only be activated during the opponent's turn, such as in response to an attack.

And woAH DANG THAT TOOK LONG-!? e - e;;;
It was meant to only take an hour AT MOST, but lol nOPE it's taken, like, three ahaha |'D

But yea! =v=/
I can't exactly submit the FW TCG part to FireWire-Connection , bu~ut I know at least a couple members of the fandom follow me =v=a

Not sure if I'll ever do the thing, but if it gets enough support I might finalize the rules and start working on cards — unfortunately, though, I suck at coding so I'm not sure online play will be a thing. |'D
CARD IDEAS would also be really appreciated! O7O/
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